Zana Holley Dupee of Gainesville Florida is a research contract coordinator at the University of Florida. Here are some sites connected with them:

Zana Holley Dupee on BirdEye
Zana Holley Dupee Gainesville
Zana Holley Dupee Gainesville
Zana Holley Dupee
Zana Holley Dupee genetic studies website

Gainesville University of Florida's Michael DupeeMichael Dupee is a University of Florida grad (UF law 1992) and avid fan of University of Florida sports.

He is a federal attorney specializing in police procedures, civil rights, employment discrimination, police and the Fourth Amendment, social security and other federal issues. He has authored papers concerning the ability of defendants to force disclosure of hidden police informants; the admissibility at trial of police dog tracking evidence, private rights of action under federal statutes.

University of Florida grad Michael Dupee (Mike at UF law)
Birding advice from University of Florida Grad Michael Dupee